Cornerstones of Podcasting

The Four Cornerstones of Podcasts

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Starting a podcast should be fun and exciting. However, it is important to do it properly if you want success. Many people start out with grand ideas hoping to make an immediate connection or different. They soon discover it’s often more work than fun and fitting it in with regular life schedules isn’t the easiest at times. Don’t get us wrong, hosting your own show, engaging with an audience and featuring as part of the global podcast community is rewarding. However, instant gratification is not a thing with podcasting as there is a lot of essential ‘less-glamourous’ tasks which run in the background.

An important note is that with any podcast there are 4 cornerstones which should always be considered: quality, content, consistency & engagement.

Quality: This refers to the sound quality of your podcast. Your audio does not need to be perfect, however low spec audio is an immediate turn off for many. You are going to want to play with your recording studio set-up. Too close and you may get those ‘intimate’ wet sounds when talking. Too far and you may be either too quiet or even muffled amongst any background noise.

Content: There is a saying in marketing – ‘Content is King’. It is important to consider what you are offering your audience. Are they tuning into your show for comical stories, news or your own opinion? Whatever you’re content IS, make it original and authentic.

Consistency: This does not just refer to the release program for your show. Although, the importance of a regular release schedule is often understated. It allows for your listeners to know that you are committed to your show and their entertainment. This doesn’t mean that you have to release a show weekly. Episodes may be fortnightly or even series based. What we refer to is your show format and delivery.

At first you can play about with the show format and delivery method, however, once you find a style that works and seems to ‘flow’ then you are good to go. Don’t keep changing this up as your audience will come to your show expecting one thing and get something else.

Engagement: Podcasts are a fantastic medium of media for audience participation and engagement. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the audience should always feature on episodes, although this is a great idea if it works with your format. It means that you can connect with a large group of individuals, who all listen to your show, on a personal level. You, as the host, are able to form an emotional connection with your listeners. Remember to engage with them via social media or other means.

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Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson

Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson

CEO / Consultant at Ace Podcast Network
Consultant, Content Development Manager and Executive Producer for the Ace Podcast Network. Hobbies: Martial Arts, Climbing & Science Communication
Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson

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