We recognise the power of podcasting.

It is a passive medium which can be used to share stories, knowledge, opinions & news. It is also an extreamly fun hobby. This is why we are now offering podcast workshops – so you can have a voice! 

We are now offering to host workshops nationally within Australia. Podcasting is a fantastic medium of communication which is both freely available and easily accessible worldwide. If you wish to tell a story, communicate your science or just talk about your interests & hobbies podcasting is a cheap and powerful tool to do this. We truly believe that podcasting is an amazingly under-utilise tool by academia and industry to generate a following, build trust and to deliver information objectively. Our workshops are designed as fun, interactive team-building events which will provide you with the tools and knowledge to get on your way.

  • They are great for university departments to run at the beginning of the year to allow higher degree researchers to learn a powerful tool for science communication.
  • They are great for industries to run as team building exercises where each employee will be equipped with knowledge on how to build trust with a target audience through truthful & objective information delivery.

Our workshops address the following:

Content Design: Identifying a niche, market research, show format….

Production: Equipment, Editing, delivery, submission

Digital presence: Social media, networking, marketing and promotions, branding

Post-Launch: General Maintenance.