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A Community Podcast Network

Ace Podcasts is a new podcast network created to provide a great resource for audiences to find a comprehensive range of quality shows, to assist new shows in starting up and to support previously established shows to continue to grow. We aim to bring podcaster & audience together to share knowledge, opinions and have fun while doing it.

As part of the Ace Podcast Network initiative we aim to be the first science communication podcasting network – Ace Knowledge Podcasting. A place where academic podcasters can meet science communicators & science enthusiasts can meet their heroes. By adopting the professional structure of APN we connect like-minded knowledge podcasters together and provide a mutually beneficial community for them to collaborate.

This is your opportunity to join a growing network. Visit the Contact page and submit your application.



A Community

We aim to create a community where all podcast hosts can band together. By working together we are able to improve our craft though constructive feedback, advice & cross promotion.

We have two divisions of APN: The Entertainment Division & Knowledge Division



Podcast Workshop

A founding principle of science communication is ‘to build a strong and open relationship between society and science underpinned by its effective communication of science and its uses’. Using podcasting as a platform, you can create and adapt methods of introducing these topics to any audience all over the world and become an authority on any topic that you choose!

Communications Consultancy

 Adam, Lee & DK collectively have years of communication, marketing and scientific experience which can be used to make the difference between your content blending in and standing out. By applying this knowledge to the field of communications and podcasting we are able to offer a collection of support services to all our clients

We Want To Hear From You

Have a podcast and want to join a network? Passionate about science and want to start your own show? Then get it contact with us or submit an application to the site.

The Team

Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Director Of APN 

Daniel Kelsey-Wilkinson

Director Of Ace Knowledge Podcasting & Digital Content Manager

Lee Evans

Lee Evans

Finance Manager